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  2. M.L.K. Malcom X Lil Ghetto Boy Mountaintop Live In Woodstock *
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  3. REguL888 dA we$t Side (4 Eiht Hype, Who The Coldest)
    g fuNk child (DJ Set)

  4. REguL888 dA we$t siDe (4 Big Syke and Hussein)
    g fuNk child (DJ Set)

  5. REguL888 dA we$t siDe (Represent dOwN Og'z, hooDRats and fReQueNcy)
    g fuNk child (DJ Set)

  6. REguL888 dA we$t siDe (4 Yak n Pac)
    g fuNk chIld (DJ $et)

  7. ReGuL888 dA wEst $iDe (REpre$ent Tha Outlawz)
    g fuNk child (DJ Set)

  8. REguL888 dA WEst $IDe (REpre$ent D.p.g.)
    g fuNk child (Dj Set)

  9. REguL888 DA West $ide (GHETTO PROPHECY)
    g fuNk child (DJ Set)

  10. Live In Southwest Philly
    g fuNk chiLd (Dj Set)

  11. Live In Conshohocken
    g fuNk Child (DJ $eT)

  12. Live In Chinatown 住在唐人街
    g fuNk child (DJ Set) G 放克儿童 (DJ 台)

  13. Live On Chester County's Underground Railroad
    g fuNk child in dub (DJ Set)

  14. Live In Woodstock (whole set)
    g fuNk child goes to the mountains (DJ Set)

  15. Live In Ardmore Volume 2 (fuNk thA pOlice)
    G fuNk child (dj $Et)

  16. Live In Ardmore volume 1 (The Bart Ross mix)
    g fuNk chiLd (dj $Et)

  17. Live @ Vishnu Party
    g fuNk child (dj $Et)

  18. UUU Know... I Got YO' bak
    g fuNk child (dj $Et)))

  19. BlUnTEDDD
    g fuNk chiLd $langin DAt $hit (dj $et)

  20. AnCient GuRu
    GGGG Funk Child PhilosophiZESS (dJ $et))

  21. गोधूलि आकाशगंगा के वुडस्टॉक दिल निर्माताओं
    G दुर्गंध बच्चे दिल कला (डीजे सेट) के लिए

  22. Gotta Have Love
    G Funk Child (Dj Set)

  23. DelCooo REpResNtt
    G FuNk chiLd (dj $et)

  24. भगवान का आनंद
    G दुर्गंध बच्चे (डीजे सेट)

  25. Se renmen Iwa
    G Funk pitit (DJ ansanm)

  26. 吉娜愛瑞克(百勝餐飲集團 Yum 點心)
    G 放克兒童 (DJ 台)

  27. I DIs AMEriKkkaaa
    G FUnkk Child (dJ $et))

    G Funk Child (The Igniter, DJ Set)

  29. 4 Sexual Abuse Victims, Not Predators
    G Funk Child lays it all out (DJ Set)

  30. First World Order
    G FUnk chiLd $lamss It on home (dJ $et)

  31. Delcoo VOLcaNo pSycho
    G fuNK Child (dj $et)

  32. भगवान दुर्गंध
    G दुर्गंध बच्चे डीजे सेट)

  33. नरसिंह भाग्य
    G दुर्गंध बच्चे डीजे सेट)

  34. First Heaven (Standing With Standing Rock)
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  35. दैवी आदेश
    G दुर्गंध बच्चे निर्माण, निर्माता और बनाया (DJ सत्र, 1-3 खंड, The Psychedelic Monestery)

  36. A King's Crown (A Tale Of Reverse Colonialism)
    G Funk Child in dub (DJ Sets)

  37. Justice Got Served
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  38. GAlaCtIc nn gAnGsta
    g FUnk Child (Dj $et) ... PeaCE

  39. un-LEARn
    G FunKK chiLD (dJJ $et)

  40. Slack 4 You
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  41. Unification ynn Daaa GHettOO
    G FUnk cHild (dj $Et)

  42. Da MoNstuHHH miXX
    g funkk chiLd (Dj $Et)))

  43. Sexual Guerrero de la tierra del Inca
    G Funk niño (DJ Set)

  44. $ucka Free cLonE fRee
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  45. g fuNk 3:16 The Black Jesus Mega Mix
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  46. 虎式
    G 放克兒童 (DJ 台)

  47. 4 MaHHHHH Mo'fuKinn BOOO WaTeRFAlLL
    G fUnk Child (dj $et)

  48. y Da Funk NOT
    ggg Funk Child (Djj $eT)

  49. Conspiracy Theory
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  50. g fuNk 3:16- God's Body
    G Funk Child (The Hip Hop/Psychedelic/Dub Sermon, DJ Set)

  51. New York, New York
    G Funk Child (OG Tribute From The Other Side, DJ Set)

  52. Honoring Karim
    G bogenoemde kind, (Balmyard genesing klas 1, DJ stel)

  53. 1 día como un Azteca
    G Funk niño (contador cultura clase con grande Zac, DJ Set)

  54. H-tOwN 4 LyFF
    G FuNk child (dJ $eT) ·:*:·£Øvê

  55. dIs Iz $hittt u BUMp ·:*:·£øvê
    G FUnk child (Djjj $eT))

  56. g fuNk 3:16- Picture The Prophecy On The Mountain
    g FuNk child (dJJJ seT)

  57. Ear Uh gEnius/minDD uh viSionaree ·:*:·£øvê
    g fUNk chilD (dJJ $et)

  58. $hAKE DAt A$$$ WiFFF RESPEC
    G funk child (dJ $et)

  59. KnOcKEdddd Da FunKK Outii
    g Funkk chILd (dJJJ $et)

  60. A Heart That's Real
    G Funk Child in the flesh (DJ Set)

  61. Enemy of dA $teiht
    G fuNK Child (Djj $et)

  62. g fuNk 3:16- The Hip Hop Crossroads
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  63. Brotherly Love
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  64. Underground Legends
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  65. भगवान और देवी की भविष्यवाणी
    भगवान दुर्गंध बच्चे डीजे सेट)

  66. RuNNN Demm TyTs
    GG FUNkk Child (dj $Et)

  67. COmPtONNNN FUnkk
    G funK Child (Djj $Et))

  68. g fuNk 3:16- The Hardest And Most Blessed
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  69. The 52nd Street Mix
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  70. g fuNk 3:16 -The Beginning Of Prophecy
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  71. The Greatest
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  72. Gángster chamán Mix
    G Funk niño (DJ Set)

  73. Afeni meng
    God bogenoemde kind (DJ stel)

  74. Daa $leddd dogG MIx volume 449-0627
    G FUnk cHild (DJJJJ $et))))

  75. $our DIeSAL mIx
    G FuNk child (dj $et)

  76. The Woodstock Sessions
    Rick Reinhart

  77. Sail Into The Infinite
    Rick Reinhart

  78. Cosmic Interstellar Innerdrive
    Rick Reinhart

  79. Starseed
    Limo Fein

  80. The Ticking Time Bomb EP
    Rick Reinhart

  81. Preservation Of The Vibes
    Creation Activity (Portal-able Uprise Out Of The Abyss)

  82. The Freaks Come Out At Night
    Micro Dot

  83. The Cosmic Truth
    Psychedelic Superstar

  84. The End Of Answers
    Rick Reinhart

  85. Sanity?
    Rick Reinhart

  86. East Coast/West Coast Dubz
    Creative Luv

  87. A Psychedelic World (volumes 1-5)
    Rick Reinhart


  89. Dub King
    King Lionheart

  90. BEATS 4 SALE
    Hip Hop Beats

  91. Colors Interwoven With Spiritual Light
    Rick Reinhart

  92. Live Hip Hop
    Ali and The Cassius Clays

  93. 2012 The Instrumentals (Hip Hop Beats)
    Rick Reinhart

  94. 2012
    Rick Reinhart

  95. Discography (2007-Present)
    The Late Night Drifters

  96. Um Dia (2004)
    Rick Reinhart (Young Buck)


RickReinhart Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rick Reinhart is a bass player, DJ, singer songwriter, and producer from Havertown, Pennsylvania. Rick founded Out In The Woods Records (Philadelphia based Record Label) in 2007 after traveling to Woodstock, NY. Out In The Woods Records released The Philadelphia Music Compilation volume 1 and 2 showcasing the vibrant and diverse music community of the city of Brotherly Love. ... more

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