1. Prophecy Of The God
    God Funk Child (DJ Set)

  2. Run Them Tits
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  3. Compton Funk
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  4. The Hardest And Most Blessed
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  5. The 52nd Street Mix
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  6. Live In Ardmore
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  7. Conviction Rastafari Dub
    G Funk Child In Dub (DJ Set)

  8. Mysterious
    G Funk Child (Psy Trance, DJ Set)

  9. The Greatest
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  11. The Afeni Mix
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  12. The Slut Mix volume 449
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  13. Vishnu Party (5-20-16)
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  14. Insane Humane Mix
    G Funk Child In Dub (DJ Sets)

  15. East Coast Mix
    G Funk Child (DJ Set)

  16. Sour Diesal Mix
    G Funk Child (DJ Sets)

  17. Cosmic Interstellar Innerdrive
    Bond... Lee Bond

  18. Sail Into The Infinite
    Rick Reinhart

  19. Move Up The Block
    Limo Fein

  20. Distant Holy Land (Single)
    Rick Reinhart

  21. Music Is My Calling (Single)
    Spirit Guide featuring Knowlege

  22. The Ticking Time Bomb EP
    Rick "The Loose Cannon" Reinhart

  23. Preservation Of The Vibes
    Creation Acitivity

  24. The Freaks Come Out At Night
    Micro Dot

    Rick Reinhart (Live from the back porch)

  26. Live From Outer Space
    Psychedelic Superstar

  27. The Cosmic Truth
    Psychedelic Superstar

  28. The End Of Answers
    Rick Reinhart

  29. 8 Sanity
    Rick Reinhart

  30. East Coast/West Coast Dubz
    Creative Luv

  31. Dready Psychedelic Hoedown (single)
    RedHat meets Reinhart and Leone

  32. We Kill The Hate With Love (Single)
    Rick Reinhart

  33. A Psychedelic World (volumes 1-5)
    Rick Reinhart

  34. Dub King
    King Lionheart

  35. Colors Interwoven With Spiritual Light
    Rick Reinhart

  36. Live Hip Hop
    Ali and The Cassius Clays

  37. I Got A Girl (Single)
    Rick Reinhart

  38. The Goddess Of Love (Single)
    Rick Reinhart

  39. The Gambling Man (Single)
    Rick Reinhart

  40. 2012
    Rick Reinhart

  41. Live At The World Cafe
    Rick Reinhart Band 1-11-12

  42. Take Me To New Orleans
    Rick Reinhart And The Cast Of Characters (Live From Havertown)

  43. From Inside The Hell Hole
    Richard Hart And The People

  44. Um Dia (2004)
    Ricardo Reinhart

  45. Out In The Woods Records
    Online Archive (link to archive)

  46. Live Videos and Links To More Recordings


RickReinhart Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rick Reinhart multi- instrumentalist songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Rick founded and produces music for Out In The Woods Records.

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